A data center is a facility which keeps many web servers. The hosting servers could be employed for a number of functions - web hosting, file and picture storage, computing, etc. All bigger firms that supply online services have their servers in one or a number of data centers because such a facility can offer the desired conditions and security for the info stored on the hosting servers. Including environmental controls for the temperature and humidity in order to ensure the optimal performance and long life of the servers, backup generators, hardware monitoring and last, but not least, physical security as to make certain that your information can't be accessed by an unauthorized third-party. A poorly performing data center could easily undermine the services a firm provides.

Data centers in Cloud Website Hosting

If you choose to purchase a cloud website hosting plan from us, you will be able to choose between five data centers on the order page and you can have your account set up in SteadFast (Chicago, U.S.), Pulsant (London, UK), Amaze (Sydney, AU), Ficolo (Pori, Finland) or TelePoint (Sofia, BG). We have hosting servers in different locations in order to offer you a choice to select the most suitable one for your Internet sites, so both you and your website visitors will enjoy high loading speeds. Each one of the facilities offers 24/7 technical support, power generators and several Internet routes through some of the biggest Internet service providers in the given country. Coupled with our innovative cloud web hosting platform, this means virtually no service interruptions of any sort, so your websites might be functioning all the time. The facilities are some of the biggest ones on the globe and some of them house even government hosting servers, so collocating our machines there permits us to focus on adding new services and improving the existing ones all the time.

Data centers in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you decide to obtain one of the semi-dedicated hosting packages we offer, you will have five data centers to pick out from - SteadFast in Chicago, USA, Pulsant near London, UK, TelePoint in Sofia, Bulgaria, Amaze in Sydney, Australia and Ficolo in Pori, Finland. All five spots can be found on the signup page and we use these facilities since we've experienced the great standard of service they offer over the years. The data centers are some of the biggest ones in their respective state and they provide outstanding conditions for the servers which are part of our effective cloud hosting platform where all semi-dedicated accounts are build. All of them have direct fiber routes to several larger cities on every continent, backup Internet providers and diesel generators, so irrespective of which location you'll opt for during the order process, you will benefit from a speedy Internet hosting service with no interruptions of any sort. In the event that some unforeseen problem occurs, it is resolved within afew minutes by skilled support teams which are available 24/7.

Data centers in VPS Hosting

In order to offer you a choice where your Internet sites will be located, we offer OpenVZ virtual private servers on three different continents. We have hosting servers in Chicago (United States), London (England), Sofia (Bulgaria), Pori (Finland) and Sydney (AU), so your new Virtual Private Server could be set up closer to your audience. Each of the facilities delivers excellent connectivity by using some of the largest ISPs within the respective country, so you'll enjoy amazing loading speeds from anywhere, but for your convenience we offer you a choice for the location. The continuous functioning of the servers in which your Virtual Private Server shall be generated is ensured by efficient generators and UPS units, so your sites will be operational irrespective of any unanticipated infrastructural issues that might appear. We steer clear of hardware issues as well through the use of backup hosting servers and the most recent generation of network devices in each one of the facilities. One of the major advantages of purchasing an OpenVZ VPS from our firm is that the servers inside all five data centers where the accounts are generated employ Solid-State Drives that are way quicker than the classic Harddrives.

Data centers in Dedicated Web Hosting

The dedicated servers which we offer to our potential and present customers are housed in one of the largest data centers in North America - the SteadFast facility, that's situated in Chicago, IL. The outstanding location in the heart of the continent is the main reason for many companies to pick the data center for their machines as direct fiber routes to a number of of the larger cities through numerous Tier-3 Internet providers ensure excellent access speeds. This redundancy and effective diesel generators which could keep the whole facility working for days ensure that your dedicated machine shall be running and accessible irrespective of any infrastructural difficulties or natural disasters. We also have spare parts there and an expert technical support crew that is available 24/7 to deal with any hardware problem which could turn up. By using a dedicated server within our Chicago data center, you will enjoy a quick and stable Internet hosting service and you shall be able to reach tens of millions of Internet users with ease.