Linux is among the frequently used Operating Systems for web servers. There are a number of different distributions which use the same core, but the vast majority have a couple of things in common - they are totally free to use, which decreases the overall cost of the website hosting service as license fees won't be included in what you will have to pay; they're very easy to manage; and last, but not least, they are far more secure as compared with competitor Operating Systems, as random files, especially virus-infected ones, just can't be executed on the server. Thus, you are able to enjoy a protected service and spend the time creating and advertising your Internet sites, not bothering with safety problems. Loads of Linux-based machines use the Apache web server to manage the HTTP traffic, as this software is really quick and is also effortless to maintain and individualize as per the requirements of the web hosting provider. A Linux web server with Apache is the most suitable software environment for your sites and it's not at all a coincidence that numerous popular script-driven applications out there require LAMP, that symbolizes Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Stable Linux with Apache in Cloud Website Hosting

All of the servers which are an element of our progressive cloud web hosting platform run Linux in order to guarantee their fast and secure operation, that will subsequently contribute to far better overall website performance. That's valid for each website that you host within a cloud website hosting account with our company. Each part of the website hosting service (e-mails, databases, files) will be handled by its own group of web servers, so only 1 type of processes will run on a given hosting server, which will contribute to the fast loading speed of your websites even more. You can use HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python and just about any other web development language for your Internet sites, since they all can run on a Linux machine. In addition we use the Apache web server, considering that our experience through the years indicates that it is probably the best software of its sort.

Stable Linux with Apache in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We've decided to use Linux on our web servers also, given that no other OS can match its adaptability and without it, we would not have had the opportunity to develop our custom website hosting platform where all semi-dedicated server accounts are set up. The platform is made up of substantial groups of machines, each one addressing a certain part of the website hosting service - databases, e-mails, files, the Control Panel, and so forth. The result of blending this custom setup with Linux is an extremely reliable, risk-free and speedy service with virtually no downtime. Additionally, the web access is addressed by Apache, since it is highly customizable and supports a lot of modules and web programming languages such as PHP, Perl, Python, HTML, and so forth. Our semi-dedicated server plans will offer you all the speed and security that you would like for your sites and we've made a lot of software modifications to ensure that we will meet our uptime guarantee.